The Company

P1S1 is a Computer Graphics company founded several years ago by Gherardo Masini that focuses primarily on computer rendering and 3D video animations. Our studio is based in Florence, Italy

We have a strong network in the medical field and are servicing an ever-increasing client base of specialists to help them realize images and videos in the Medical, Scientific, as well as Design and Architecture fields.

Our services are applicable to the evolving needs of businesses and professionals – we provide tools and know-how in any context for the above mentioned sectors as well as providing assistance for tool promotion and training. We work hard to make sure our clients have a clear and holistic understanding of how our services can help them excel at what they do.


In order to provide our clients with a competent and trustworthy service, we maintain collaborations with professionals in applicable fields of study. For example, our medical clients are serviced well via our continued collaboration with Dr. Andrea Baldini and his team who provide ongoing expertise and advice on many ongoing projects. Such collaborations with world-renown professionals have allowed us to continuously improve the precision and dynamic quality of the medical surgery movies we create.

Our studio structure depends on a diverse team of internal and external collaborators, each bringing specific duties, skills, and responsibilities in the world of Digital Creativity. Our team of photographers, graphic and web designers are ready to help our clients meet all of their digital design and rendering needs.

…Did you know?

The Utah teapot or Newell teapot is a 3D computer model which has become a standard reference object (and something of an in-joke) in the computer graphics community. It is a mathematical model of an ordinary teapot of fairly simple shape, which appears solid, cylindrical and partially convex. A teapot primitive is considered the equivalent of a “hello world” program, as a way to create the easiest 3D scene with a somewhat complex model acting as basic geometry reference for scene and light setup.

ref. wikipedia

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